The car park is definitely getting a make-over

A large vacuum sweeper has appeared in Main Square car park, at the same time as work is underway to maintain the top floor.

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We wonder what the life expectancy of the building is; it can’t last for ever, can it?  As pedestrians, we find it a bit unfriendly, but it’s much easier to drive around than most car parks that we encounter, so we don’t want to lose it.


6 thoughts on “The car park is definitely getting a make-over

  1. With the lack of Comments on the last 5 topics does it indicate we need some positive news rather than all the negative stories it paints a picture that the Council isn’t doing anything!!

  2. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for positive news from Camberley Towers, but am grateful to Mr Camberley Eye for keeping watch on (in)activity by our public servants as they work hard to ensure that the town is one of the top 43,000 towns in the UK…

    • Many thanks for your support, Paul. I’ve received a couple of negative – and not entirely accurate – comments lately that accuse the Eye of being negative. As I write here from time to time, I don’t LIKE being negative. But when the council falls to deliver promises for year after year, as a taxpayer I’m not going to ignore it. And as a tax payer, I’m not going to accept anything less than a first class performance by either council. Councillors won’t criticise council staff on principle, so who else is there? I do try to acknowledge good thing as well as bad – street cleaning, gun removal, flowers, car park repairs… No doubt my recent critics will provide lots more good news stories to support their criticism…. (Maybe they haven’t read the blog closely enough to discover that it invites contributions.)

  3. Sorry, if it touched a Nerve, but Camberley is not all doom & gloom believe me. Yes it has a sluggish approach to improving it’s planned infrastructure & fixing apparently simple things road signage etc, but you can still walk the streets at night, have retail units mostly occupied, whether with everyone’s choice is another matter, & more importantly a fairly affluent community which is growing by the day “Love Camberley”

    • Paul, as I’ve recently written on Facebook, I’ve lived in Camberley for over forty years, and I’d be stupid to have done so if it were all doom and gloom. I think we’re very lucky with The Mall – its character, size and its management. You’ll find that the Eye almost invariably reports whenever a retail unit is re-occupied; somewhere I have commented that we have less than the national average of empty units (though the High Street isn’t doing so well). I never criticise the nature of our shops; I make the point that we get the shops that we want – ie where we actually spend money. Yes, the town is safe – though some living in it do suffer from late night misbehaviour. But safety and affluence aren’t issues that can be mentioned more than once or twice a year; this blog says something 364 days a year. However, the borough council IS a disaster as far as planning for the town centre is concerned. It’s made no progress with its ‘plans’ for the High Street in sixteen years. Much the same can be said about the London Road Block. Yes, I go on and on about this; if you can think of a better way of getting the council to be open about what it’s doing (I suspect it’s quietly withdrawn some of its ‘visionary documentation’ from the council website) let me know. The council isn’t merely sluggish – sometimes it’s inert. In twenty five years it’s not updated the sign near the theatre to the “Civic Hall”, though the theatre is loss-making and needs all the help it can get. The council said in 2014: ” Surrey Heath Borough Council has published an exciting new video outlining its vision for the future of Camberley Town Centre, detailing how, by 2018, it will be one of the top 100 towns in the UK.” But we’re half way to 2018, and the council has dodged saying how progress is being measured, let alone whether there is any. Yes, I know that things don’t always go smoothly in the real world, and I’d have more sympathy with the council if it communicated more realistically and honestly. However, it doesn’t, so I don’t! I could say more….

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