Electric vehicles – have we been asleep on the job?

We don’t often wander around the ground floor of Main Square car park. (Even we have our limits!).   But we were surprised the other day to see that there are now two charge points for electric vehicles.  How long have they been there?  Have we been asleep?


Somewhat embarrassed, we looked at the borough council website and found some information about these charge points.  goo.gl/mTuDLR  It looks as if the information has been there ‘for ever’.  However, elsewhere on the site the information is dated only 6th September.  So perhaps we haven’t been asleep all that long?


2 thoughts on “Electric vehicles – have we been asleep on the job?

  1. Sorry to say but Yes you have been caught dozing!
    Work on new markings was completed a few weeks ago and the charging spaces became operational in the last week.
    Haven’t seen them being used but there must be a few electric cars in Camberley??

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