Camberley on ice

A planning application has just been submitted which requests permission for the:

“Installation and operation of a temporary ice rink and associated structures for a Christmas Market on the tennis court and old putting green areas to be held annually for a 5 year period (2016 to January 2021) between November to January (including construction and dismantling periods) and open daily to the public until 9pm, excluding Christmas Day. To include a skate lodge/café/bar marquee, chalets/trader huts, children funfair rides, a bandstand, toilet trailers and ancillary floodlighting and festoon lighting, and perimeter fencing with pedestrian access off Grand Avenue and event traffic management measures.”


Great news for skating fans.  Possibly not such good news for nearby residents?


12 thoughts on “Camberley on ice

  1. It is unlikely in my opinion that the proposed location of the ice rink and Xmas market will attract enough footfall to make it viable. I guess SHBC could launch a huge advertising campaign but I wont hold my breath. SHBC have restricted the street parking in the area so severely that the only option to get parked easily would be to pay the overpriced Camberley Town Centre car park charges and walk about 10 minutes to the venue. I cant even be bothered walking my dog in that park any more as SHBC have made it so difficult to park. I would like to be proved wrong but it does not sound like the organisers have thought this through very well.

    • I too wonder whether people will walk there from town centre car parks, especially in poor or cold weather. But at least it’s the company running the event that’s taking the financial risk, not residents. Or, at least, that’s what we’ve been told.

  2. Many other towns have seen the benefit of doing this and as I understand it all risk will be bourne by the event provider. I do not believe that a 9pm is a late finish.

      • High Wycombe,Solihull, Winchester, etc etc etc …. you too can google this info. The point is they are proving successful elsewhere. There will be issues that will need sorting out like traffic flow and parking, but please, this should not be beyond the wit of our council. Please look for the positives and not the negatives

  3. At the public discussion, on this topic, it was muted that parking costs would be included in the ice skating ticket. This would serve to get visitors to walk to the town and may encourage them to use the restaurants etc.

  4. If it brings people unfamiliar with Camberley to the area, I wonder what might happen to traffic at the Grand Avenue/A30 junction and Southwell Park Road/Charles Street junctions. I predict a prang or two…

    • Quite a challenge indeed! Your post about the Camberley Car Show last Saturday and the congestion caused by visitors parking demonstrates the likely delays people will be confronted with when the ice rink is open for business.

      • Parking and noise are the obvious issues as far as local residents are concerned. They’re sufficiently obvious that the council has time to come up with suitable controls. Not easy, but the prize for success is considerable.

  5. The recent roadworks on the A30 which would have been planned shows how easily traffic backs up in the local area. The Frimley Rd, Southwell Park Road, The Avenue and all roads in between were gridlocked at peak times. Having worked a significant number of these types of events in the past i can see the parking wardens being exceptionally busy. Since the new road layout on Southwell park Rd was introduced you only have to look at traffic buildup on a Saturday morning to see that this area is not suitable for large scale events. I would also be interested to know what Surrey Police think of the event and whether they are going to reource it.

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