Traffic delays by the new Waitrose at Bagshot

Bagshot is outside the Eye’s territory, of course.  But we’ve been asked to publicise a petition to tackle the horrendous traffic delays by the ‘Waitrose junction’.  As these will be affecting many Camberley residents, we’re going beyond our frontier just this once.  You’ll find the petition here:


16 thoughts on “Traffic delays by the new Waitrose at Bagshot

  1. Thought these were only created by the temporary traffic lights which appeared to have a timing delay problem. When the proper lights were working never seemed to be a problem during the day only at rush hour coupled with schools going back.

      • You clearly don’t go anywhere near Windlesham or Bagshot from 16:00 onwards on a weekday. Traffic delays westbound because of these lights and Yaverland Drive can stretch back way beyond Longacres.

    • The main problem is outside of “the rush hour” or more accurately, westbound from 16:00 onwards for several hours. Traffic is backed up beyond Longacres, sometimes back to The Windmill. This happens because of the Waitrose lights coupled with the apparent priority given to Youlden Drive. When the lights were out, traffic moved perfectly.

    • Don’t understand your point. Do you mean we should just ignore / live with, the Waitrose problem and do nothing about it?
      If you have any issue with other traffic problems in Camberley then do something about it. I regularly contact Surrey Highways to point out issues. You may notice that the resurfacing around the Jolly Farmer roundabout (A325 / A30 junction have been postponed, because I pointed out to them that they were taking place at the same time the M3 was closed overnight.

  2. I travel the this route every day, varying times across rush hour and these lights cause significant delays (queue from American Golf) toward Bagshot in the morning and toward Camberley in the evening (from at least Bagshot petrol station). There are other problem lights at Windlesham, the crossing at Sunningdale etc, but one problem fixed is better than none. In short the lights broke, and before the temporary set (which strongly contributed to a single solid queue all the way from M25) were put up no lights equalled no queue there at all. And I’m in a reasonable position to judge the queue as I pass it all on a motorbike (fairly slowly as there’s always someone that deliberately edges right to push you into oncoming traffic). Finally, this impacts many Camberley residents so worthy of the eye raising.

    • Many thanks, Andy, for your input. So often, eliminating traffic lights actually helps traffic flow. Everyone (well, nearly everyone) drives more carefully, and everything keeps moving gently.

    • Oh, I’d add to that various roads in the vicinity of schools at school run time. I switched my engine off for five minutes this afternoon on the Old Bisley Road. Total chaos, with no movement..

  3. Temporary traffic lights when no work is going on, drive me mad. There was a set of temporary traffic lights on Nine Mile Ride recently with no hole in the road and no workmen to be seen. It looked as if lights had been set up for no reason at all. What it did do was to cause big queues. I took action. I put black bin liners over the lights (later at night), and the following morning traffic was flowing beautifully. There really are times when we have to take action. To wait for the contractor to turn up to remove the lights can take days. No one seems to care.

    • So often, it does seem that no-one cares. (Until citizens take action, of course. Then ‘the authorities’ do tend to come down heavily – they’ve been shown up, and that’s unacceptable.)

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