Should the museum be in a museum?

There are rumours that the physical museum in Surrey Heath house may be closed.  This is a complex issue, and the Eye can’t easily comment without knowing all the facts.  However, by coincidence, this month’s edition of PC Pro (actually, it’s the October issue, but you know how magazines get ahead of themselves) says:

“As goofy as it is to walk around town staring at your [phone] screen, or standing in parks at night to access the local Pokemon Gym, we’re doing it.  Suddenly, it doesn’t seem impossible to look at a museum exhibit through a phone camera to watch historical characters interact ….”


Recently, we’ve been looking at Hungerford Virtual Museum – not spend a few minutes looking at it too?  It’s not as ambitious as PC Pro’s idea, but we suspect that you’ll still quickly know more about the artifacts in Hungerford than you do about those in our local museum.  Yet Hungerford’s population is much less than 10% of Surrey Heath’s.

Of course, it takes time – and, no doubt, money – for a museum to go on-line.  But it’s the future, surely.


6 thoughts on “Should the museum be in a museum?

  1. Well that link to their virtual museum made me interested in visiting Hungerford. I wonder if a Camberley virtual museum would do the same for other people?

    • Simple, answer. No, I don’t know the costs of the museum. But it’s an aspect that I raised at a meeting recently; it’s as well to compare the cost of the rumoured changes with the cost of the status quo.

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