One last photo…

Our final photo from Saturday’s car show isn’t about the cars.  It’s this chap with the courage to stand and display his message.P1070360bWe don’t like to disabuse him, but e-mailing councillors can be a disappointing experience.  Nearly three weeks ago we e-mailed three local county councillors with this message:

“I’m sending this message to you all because, though the location concerned is in only one part of Camberley, the irritation to visitors may reflect on the whole town.

You will, of course, be completely familiar with the saga of permit-only parking in the slip road alongside the A30 in the town centre.  The frustrating thing is that the problem hasn’t gone away after all this time.  Motorists frequently park where they shouldn’t.

The permit-only restriction can have only one aim – to provide parking for residents living along the service road.  It’s not there to train motorists to read the parking signs, it’s not there to punish those who don’t, it’s not there to prevent a traffic hazard (and I don’t believe cynics who say that it’s a money-raising scheme by the council).  But it clearly doesn’t achieve its purpose satisfactorily.  I wrote about this recently on the Camberley Eye blog

I don’t understand why drivers park right beside warning signs without reading them, but it’s a common occurrence.  So I’ve previously raised the possibility of painting suitable warning words on the roadway itself.  Obviously, nothing can be done that would contravene the ‘regulations’, but I’ve never heard or read that painted warnings on the roadway would do this.  Would they?  Are they an option in this case?

(As an aside, over the months I’ve prevented quite a few drivers from being fined and contributing to the council coffers.  Should I feel pleased or guilty about this?  No answer required, but I do wonder….)

As yet, it seems that only one councillor has replied.  And we still don’t know whether painting warning words on the roadway would be ‘legal’.


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