Car show photos – but not the exhibits

As long-standing readers might recall, the Eye doesn’t publish photos of major events in the town.  We can’t compete with the zillions of smart phones and smart cameras taking photos, so we don’t try.  But we did take three particular photos during the car show yesterday.  One shows the queues that built up at the entrance to Main Square car park.  The second, taken shortly afterwards, was taken from the council’s website.  It shows that there were 169 empty spaces in the car park – that means one in every six spaces was empty.  Yet it was still a painful experience for those arriving.  We despair; the council doesn’t seem to try to do anything to improve the situation.

Screenshot_2016-09-03-11-27-12b P1070350b

And the third photo is of another queue – of people waiting to pay to leave.



8 thoughts on “Car show photos – but not the exhibits

    • Mike, the council knows the problems about long queues to pay. I think (I’ve not seen it in operation) they’ve had staff with hand-held machines of some sort to take payment on very busy days. Re queues of cars to get into the car park, I’ve been suggesting two solutions for quite a few years (and council personnel do sometimes read what I write….) The first is to replace the current electronic signs at the entrance that simply say ‘SPACE’ with something helpful, like the number of empty spaces. ‘The computer’ already calculates this so it should be just a minor change to display the information. The second improvement is to arrange the parking spaces in herringbone fashion to make entry and exit much easier and quicker. This would reduce the number of spaces, of course, but that seems fairly unimportant if many of them are never occupied because of queueing lower down in the car park. The first time I wrote to senior members of the council about improvements to the car park I received – as far as I am aware – no reply. In the end, in frustration, I wrote much the same thing to the local paper, which published my letter. I believe that this had a greater effect, though I can’t prove it……

  1. I doubt it’s possible via the new system, but perhaps an incentive such as cheaper parking, for those who use level 4 & 5 in the Main Square MSCP?

  2. I found this web site by accident. A friend of a friend of a friend shared this item on Facebook so not a long standing reader.

    Having lived in Camberley for 48 years I hope it entitles me to comment here.

    I have read through some of the posts and feel it is disingenuous of you to state that you don’t post photos about events in the town centre because you can’t compete with smart phones. The tone of this web site suggests it’s primary aim is to find fault in every single nuck and cranny of our town centre.

    The subject matter of this blog is an important debate but you don’t do our town centre any favours whatsoever with a ‘glass half empty’ modus operandi.

    If you highlighted as many of the positives of our town centre your endless negativity may carry some weight.

    You clearly have way to much time on your hands to be going around the town centre taking pictures of every empty crisp packet and fag end.

    If you really want to help the town then fill the glass to ‘half full.’

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