HigherGround: a sign post

Yes, this is a post about a sign…

HigherGround – the flooring showroom in the former Granary building on the corner of Knoll Road and Portesbery Road – has told us that the damaged sign outside its showroom will be replaced within the next couple of months.  As we previously commented on the damage – http://wp.me/p3Dlu2-1PD – it’s good to be able to report that it’ll be rectified.  (We just wish that council signs were better maintained.)

Higher ground

We gather that the showroom will be enlarged – we guess by changes to the interior of the building.  There’s not a lot of scope for external additions, after all.

(The borough council wants to have its cake and eat it.  Not only has it proposed that the Granary site should be redeveloped, it has also said “there is opportunity for the Granary building to be retained and refurbished as a gateway building for Knoll Road and the town centre.”  But at least the borough council does own the building – unlike other buildings in Camberley for which it has ‘plans’.  If our memory serves us correctly, SHBC bought it a while back using money borrowed from the county council – or something like that.  Heaven only knows why!)


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