We’re hopping mad

We were stuck in a stationary queue of cars on the first ramp of Main Square car park for so long yesterday that we switched the engine off, and the radio on.  We cursed for being so stupid as to arrive late on a Saturday morning.  Next time we won’t bother to come at all.

P1070301b P1070302b P1070299b

The frustrating thing is that – as these photos that we took after we’d finally parked show – there were loads of empty parking spaces.

Yes, it’s partly the fault of drivers who hold up everyone else while they wait for a parking space to clear lower down in the car park and who then shuffle backwards and forwards to park in it, causing even greater hold ups.  But it’s also the fault of the borough council that has made negligible efforts to speed the flow through the car park.  We’ve been accused in the past of having no respect for the council;  well, as far as this particular issue is concerned, we don’t.  Why on earth discourage people from visiting the town?  Is Farnborough bribing those responsible?


11 thoughts on “We’re hopping mad

  1. For a short stay (30 mins), Camberley costs £1.60 to park up and you pay for 2 hours minimum. Aldershot 10p, North Camp 10p (or free with a 2 minute walk), Fleet 20p, Farnborough 40p. All of the cheaper places are much easier to get parked than in Camberley. The maths and the ease of access dont add up so why bother shopping in Camberley? I dont.

  2. Happily we live close enough to the town not to normally need the car, but on the occasional rainy day, always use the Atrium where I don’t recall ever experiencing delay…so why not use that instead?

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