At last! The High Street will be closed to traffic.

Of course, we realise that not everyone wants the High Street to be free of traffic.  It’s one of those things where it’s impossible to please all those concerned.  But town centres are becoming less and less about shopping, and more and more about having an enjoyable time.  Traffic isn’t enjoyable!


However, if you think you’ll stop visiting Camberley once the High Street is pedestrianised, then relax.  Our photo is of a road sign in Guildford, and our headline is about Woking.  (You can read about the Woking changes here:  Camberley will stick to the historic concept of a high street ‘for ever’.  There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s ideal for a local shopping parade. (Guildford and Woking, of course, are both officially ‘Growth Towns’.)  But it won’t turn Camberley into the ‘Top 100 Town’ to which the council apparently aspires.




2 thoughts on “At last! The High Street will be closed to traffic.

  1. Guidance Extract from Central Government.. remove vehicles fromTown Centres.

    “The spaces in a high street or town centre can be where this social ingredient can be most evident. In the Government’s response to Mary Portas’ Review of High Streets in March 2012, we talked about High Streets as the heart of our communities. Taking that analogy further, the urban spaces and network of pedestrian walkways in our town centres and high streets can be described as the veins and arteries that keep that community heart beating ”

    Camberley is way to small a Town to waste our precious High Street space as revolving Car Park…

    Question. Who should be the lead visionary if Knoll Road are unwilling to act for Camberley ?
    Perhaps Urgent Task force/ working party of Cllrs, Residents and local MP.

    • I feel the Knoll Road situation is more complicated than you describe. There’s no shortage of Vision; plans, a Town Centre Statement, a Vision video, and so on. But I detect little council commitment to these, and the impression is of confusion and contradiction within parts of the organisation. It’s difficult to believe that the council has any real intent to do anything significant to improve the town; it hasn’t even done anything about the sign directing people to the Civic Hall- a name that was phased out twenty five years ago. If the council can’t update a sign, there really is no hope that it can cope with anything challenging or requiring efficient management.

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