A Phoenix in the town centre

Remember Hobby, Toy, Game?


Well, we’ve received the following message:

“Dear Camberley Eye,

“Following your article on 20th July, I thought I’d drop you a line to update you about the former HobbyToy Games.  We’ve posted it on our Facebook page for our existing customers, but you’re the first independent news source we’ve contacted.

“We’ve been trading for almost ten years initially purely online. Four years ago, we opened our shop Modelling and Gaming Supplies in Cove, which has grown beyond our wildest expectations to the point where we needed larger premises. Although we were sad to see HobbyToy Games go, it has given us the opportunity to take on their former premises.

“We operate in a slightly similar field to the one HobbyToy Games did, but focus on modelling supplies and tabletop gaming. Key ranges for us are Games Workshop (where we believe we have the broadest range of their products in Surrey and Hampshire), airbrushes (particularly high quality Iwata ones), and Vallejo acrylic paints for modellers. We believe we can make a success of our new location because as well as the increased footfall we’ll see, we have a decade of experience in the highly competitive online world delivering products our customers want, with great service at sensible prices.

“We’ll be spending the next three weeks or so refurbishing the shop, and if all goes reasonably to plan, we’re aiming to have a bit of a “grand opening” on Saturday 10th September.

“Purely as a personal opinion, our experience of both The Mall and Surrey Heath Borough Council has so far been very positive; any time anyone complains about Camberley town centre, they should stop and be grateful they aren’t in Farnborough !

“Cheers, Sean”

It’s good news that an empty shop will be busy again.


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