This is absolutely ridiculous

Almost every time we walk along the A30 service road, we warn a driver – perhaps more than one – that they are about to park in the ‘permit only’ section.  We were a bit too late a few days ago, but we took a photo of the consequences.


Now we don’t blame the enforcement officers; they’re only doing their job.  But clearly something is wrong.  If the county council’s objective is to keep those spaces available for resident with permits, then the the council is failing completely.  Obviously, it’s the drivers who are ‘at fault’ for not looking at the nearby signs which warn explicitly that the short stretch of road is permit-only.  But when there’s a row of parked cars ahead, it’s easy for a stranger to assume that it’s ok to join them.

We have NEVER seen it said officially that it is against traffic regulations to paint ‘Permits Only’ in big white letters on the roadway.  Until we know that this is the case, we will feel that the county council is not doing everything reasonable to protect innocent motorists – and to provide the service for which permit-holders have paid.

We’ll send our county councillors a link to this article, and ask for their views.  We’ll publish the outcome.

(If you look between the two enforcement officers and just in front of them, you’ll see that there’s a metal post in the pavement.  It serves no useful purpose; it’s just street clutter.  It’s been like that for years.  Maybe some of money collected through parking fines could be spent on removing it??)



10 thoughts on “This is absolutely ridiculous

  1. David,

    In Evian, France, where I spend most of my time the parking bays are marked with different colours. White for all day parking … buy a ticket, Blue for up to 4 hours free if you display a disc (or even write a note) showing the time you initially parked, Green … free all day, Red … up to 2 hours if you buy a ticket. The system works very well …. The Mayor, Marc Francina, recognises that parking is an essential part of the Town’s commercial success and so the parking rates are very reasonable … about 1.20 euros per hour. The same rate is applied to all the covered parking areas. Enforcement is efficient and regular in the summer and rather less so in the off season when it appears that the ‘enforcement officers’ take on other priorities ……. !? Space is no longer at a premium. Cars parked in a manner that causes delays or traffic chaos are removed very quickly!

    In the UK generally and Camberley specifically the car owner is treated as a source of revenue for the council rather than a vital tool of commerce and the life and livelihoods in the Town. The traders in Camberley pay heavy business rates and then the Council discourages their customers to come to Camberley!?

    Ian McLaughlin

    • No doubt, Ian, SCC would argue that they couldn’t implement such a straightforward scheme; it doesn’t comply with national ‘regulations’. Not that I’m sure ir’s a valid argument.

  2. The thing that gets my goat is the many permit parking places in Middle Gordon Road that are never used. Why can’t they be decommissioned and given back to the general public? I will write to the council and ask them why.

    Penny Skelton 

    Sent from Samsung tablet

    • The same thing is true about the parking spaces alongside the old Allders building, Penny. There’s rarely a car in them, and even if there is, it looks like someone has just stopped there temporarily and hasn’t actually ‘parked’. I’ve never seen a permit in their windscreen

  3. I do agree that it’s difficult to see this as anything other than a revenue-raising exercise and a deliberate strategy to entrap unsuspecting motorists. Having fallen foul of this exact problem when the Residents Only bays were first introduced I can assure you those Enforcement Officers will make no attempt to warn a motorist that they will receive a Penalty Notice if they park there but instead watch them walk away and immediately issue the penalty. Why can it not be clearly painted on the road surface to warn that the bays are restricted to permit holders?

    I use Camberley town centre as little as possible these days.

  4. Classic SHBC parking services! For any visitor to the town this is one of their sneakiest cash grabs. The sooner the Parking Services team are replaced by people who have some idea the better.

    • Parking et al is primarily an SCC issue. SHBC simply collects the money. But it’s Camberley that gets a bad name through badly managed parking, so the borough council ought to make sure that the problem is resolved.

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