Furniture warehouse

We’re beginning to wonder what’s happening to the Furniture Warehouse in the High Street.  The signs in its window saying that it would be closed for refurbishment were first on display quite a while ago.  Much more recently the shop was cleared, and – we believe – work was done on its floor (we think that it used to have the same two-level floor as the now empty adjacent Santander premises).  But since then, everything seems quiet.  The lights are on, but there’s nothing in the shop.  Can a business afford not to operate for any length of time?



(We’ve had a look at the website that’s mentioned above the shop window.  But we’re none the wiser as it doesn’t seem to relate very much to Camberley.)



2 thoughts on “Furniture warehouse

  1. The shop, like it’s next door neighbour, has had the suspended floor removed.A new solid floor has been installed. Might it be a timber problem?

    • Many thanks, Roger. It could be as simple as that. When I first took an interest in the Santander floor (what a sad hobby!) it looked as if it was on two levels – I didn’t really think there had been a safe sunk in the floor, but I did wonder if this was the explanation.

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