Local car parks – is paying by cash on the way out?

The borough council has issued a survey asking how people who park in the town centre car parks would like to pay in future.  None of the four options offered includes payment by cash, and three of them would incur a transaction fee of 10p – 20p.  Frankly, we think the council should pay US for having to put up with the stairs in Main Square car park – but that’s another story.


You can find the council’s survey here: http://goo.gl/NdmTcJ  Complete it!


19 thoughts on “Local car parks – is paying by cash on the way out?

  1. I dont use the town centre or its car parks. I have had too many problems with trying to get out in the past or getting parking tickets through the post when I have actually paid, etc. The car park charges are far too much as well so I use Farnborough and Aldershot these days despite living in Camberley. Removing a cash option makes Camberley town centre even less attractive to me if that were possible.

      • I have filled in the survey and left comments but they never listen.. SHBC Parking Services are the biggest detractor when it comes to enticing people to shop?visit the town. The town itself is now only moderate in terms of retail offerings so cost of parking should be free or reduced.

      • Emil. It’s considered good practice that, when an organisation issues a survey or questionnaire, it should tell everyone the result. I can’t imagine that the parking survey is in any way confidential, so maybe we’ll learn how the public has ‘voted’….

  2. Wow, not much love for Camberley parking on this board. The survey says what ‘additional options’ for payment might people like in the future. So I think this suggests the cash option will be retained for the minority who would still prefer this to the faster options. I’d agree that the survey doesn’t make this clear in the sentence between the two sets of options.

    Personally I use the PrePay system and it works really well, no need to carry loose change around or wasted time queuing up, my wife did get caught out once when leaving the car park in a rental.

    Why would anyone drive further away to save on a few 10’s of pence on parking as well? Do you save money and time overall?

    • Indeed, Matt, it does say ‘additional’ options. But, of course, it doesn’t say that the cash option will be retained. I would’ve thought it would have been worth asking how much support there was for cash, as – to be fair to the council – cash must be a pain. It must make maintenance more difficult, and there’s always a security risk with it…
      It’s always puzzled me that many people seem to prefer the hassle and cost of driving to nearby towns to find cheaper parking; the economics don’t really work in its favour. But psychology comes into it as well as money.

    • Camberley has a lot going for it; the Mall is really quite pleasant in my view. And Park Street seems to be universally popular. But I’m stumped to think of much in the way of improvement that the council has achieved in the last few years. Though I’m all-too aware of undelivered plans.

  3. Thank you for bringing this survey to our attention. I want to continue to pay by cash. I think I speak for lots of older residents in Camberley. I’m sure we can afford the cost of emptying the payment machines or are the operatives just too expensive !

    • Well, the council has ‘decommissioned’ one lift in Main Square car park – presumably to save money. So I guess they’re looking to save money ‘everywhere’ – well, perhaps not ‘everywhere’…..

  4. Further to the above, just to reassure members of the public that it is not the intention of Surrey Heath Borough Council to remove the option of paying by cash for car parking in Camberley multi storey car parks.

    The aim of the survey is to gather feedback on preferred existing payment methods, and which new additional methods of payment people would be interested in using in the future, so that paying is faster and easier for all.

    Please do complete the survey on this basis.

    Thanks, SHBC

  5. Delighted to see SHBC are listening.

    This was my reply and feedback……………..
    This is the way to promote Camberley.

    Pedestrianise the High Street, and follow the example of Glenrothes in Fife.

    The Kingdom Shopping centre is a great shopping destination to visit by car. With just under 1500 spaces spread around the centre the majority are FREE for three hours. There are 88 disabled spaces and 32 dedicated parent and child spaces and the multi-storey car park is home to Shopmobility which has its own 10 dedicated spaces.

    • Mike, I’m going to sit on the fence re car park charges. I can appreciate that the council wants to maximise its revenue (and as a tax-payer I welcome that). On the other hand, we need to encourage people to come to the town, and the cost of parking seems to be a major factor in people’s decision whether to visit Camberley or go elsewhere. It seems to me that, rather than ‘guess’ what is the right balance, a logical thing would be to run eg a six-month trial of a different pricing regime, and see what impact that has. (I can see the attraction of cheap parking – I think I’ve mentioned previously that I take advantage of all-day parking for £1 in Evesham from time to time.)

  6. Camberley should set the model for South East.
    Pull down the London Road Block eyesore, build large underground car park, providing close and direct access for shoppers and hidden service access. 100 disabled bays, and perhaps free 40 minute/short term parking at least [the need for High Street car park removed].

    At Ground/surface level I suggest a landscaped, a park like scene, linking to the new Camberley park area released by RMA. Delightful. Hide that section of the A30 Underground.

    Build and they will come !

    • Agree two-thirds, Mike. Unless the town centre attracts people, it will decline. Shops have had their day. So – as far as outdoor attractions on the London Road Block are concerned – , the winner is a ‘village green’ character, as you suggest. The site isn’t big enough for a wildlife centre, a ‘Thorpe Park’, or any other major outdoor facility/attraction. But I still believe that putting a ‘new Arena’ on the site would enhance Camberley. Throw in an all-year indoor ice-rink, and/or a ‘Coral Reef’, and Camberley would be on the map as an entertainment/leisure town. My one-third caution is that underground construction is costly. Though it’s good to be ambitious, any project has to be affordable, or we’ll simply have more years of non-progress. (Oh, and no criticism of the RMA and its activities whatsoever, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if the site could become a public college/university. This would contribute to the life of the town every day, and not ‘just’ on special occasions.)

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