Pets Corner must be – well, just around the corner..

It looks like the new Pets Corner shop in Camberley’s Princess Way is about ready to open.  All it needs outside is a name over the door.  Stand by for a stampede of cats and dogs!


(By-the-by.  Frenchies – the ice cream parlour – had a handwritten note on the door on Saturday saying ‘Open Soon’.)


8 thoughts on “Pets Corner must be – well, just around the corner..

    • It’s surprising when you look back over the years to discover quite how many shops have changed. Some stay ‘for ever’, but must are replaced before very long by something different. Which is probably how it should be. I’m not sure if the new pet shop premises are actually owned by the Mall – certainly those a few doors away are, but I don’t think Wilko is (I might be wrong). But the Mall usually has quite a respectable occupancy rate. The north of the High Street is a different story. And it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the photographer’s shop there when it – apparently – closes at the end of this month.

    • Dead right. But I plead that the Heritage Gallery is completely independent of the museum. The former is run by volunteers. Many are probably Friends of the museum, but there’s no formal connection. Indeed, the Heritage Gallery is more-closely linked to the Archaeology Centre in Bagshot.

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