More about shop closures

It’s only a couple of weeks since Hobby Toy Game in Obelisk Way announced that it would be closing.  A handwritten notice on the door said that it would be open weekends only until further notice.


It would appear that ‘further notice’ has happened fairly quickly.  The shop is now empty of stock.  Even the impressive Ferris Wheel that used to be in the window has gone.


(And the Eye is running behind lots of Facebook comments in reporting the impending closure of the photographic shop in Camberley’s High Street.  One way and another, we’ve spent more than a few pounds in there.  But, as we and others say so often, traditional retail is going to shrink considerably.  High Streets everywhere are going to have to change or decline.  Resisting change – a criticism that we level at the borough council in this context – can have only one result.)



4 thoughts on “More about shop closures

  1. While I wouldn’t wish a shop to go out of business the closure of Hobby Toy Game was inevitable. It was a souless place that never felt welcoming. The stock was dated and the layout a mess. There was no character which a good store, especially one selling toys needs to have. The original store had it before it located out of the Mall and the likes of ELC had it too. My kids loved going in there when they were younger.

    • You paint a disappointing picture, Craig. Retail has never been an easy business, and it’s now threatened on several fronts. Its best defence is to offer customers a good experience. Which isn’t what you’ve described.

  2. I don’t think I ever went in there but I loved the ferris wheel in the window, although I don’t suppose you can make a viable business out of a window display (Fortnum & Mason or Selfridges might disagree).
    I’ve given quite a bit to the camera shop over the years too, but last time I tried to, they didn’t follow up my question so I went elsewhere. Pity, particularly since the top third of the High Street will look even more sorry for itself once they’ve gone.
    Perhaps our MP could turn his attention to his crumbling constituency now he has time on his hands, talk to urban regeneration experts, that sort of thing…

    • Window displays… On their own, they don’t earn anything, of course. But they can pull in the customers. I know a small town where lots of the shops periodically dress their windows with the same theme; it makes it fun to look into the shops as opposed to just walking by them. Does it make a financial difference? Heaven only knows.
      And, re the camera shop, I felt that it didn’t really go the extra mile last time I was there. It probably would’ve been the last time…
      It’ll be interesting to see where Mr Gove puts his energies and efforts from now on. We could do with a bit of vigour locally.

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