Frenchies – were we worrying unnecessarily?

Not long ago we suggested that – although it had previously been announced that Frenchies had been sold as a going concern – very little seemed to be happening in the ‘former’ ice cream parlour in Obelisk Way.


Well, things ARE now happening.  When we took this photo, furniture had been moved since we last looked in the shop.  Cleaning materials were evident at the back of the premises, the floor was shining and the ceiling fans were revolving.  The vibes are good;  let’s hope the warm weather holds for a welcome re-opening.


2 thoughts on “Frenchies – were we worrying unnecessarily?

  1. Good News …..let’s hope it opens before the Summer is over end of the week!

    Is it true the sale of the Cambridge has fallen through or is it just another rumour?

    • I’d not heard that about the Cambridge, Mike. It’s a bit unlikely, as the purchaser already owns Norwich House, so possibly has plans for the whole of that area. On the other hand, the property market has taken a bit of a knock lately, so that might’ve triggered something. On balance, I’ll guess the rumour isn’t right.

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