Bensons for Beds. Sale on, off and on again?

Back in September we commented on the former Bensons for Beds shop in the High Street.  (  The empty building had been displaying ‘Sold, Subject to Contract’ notices for months, but one of these had just been amended by a small board in front of it, saying ‘For Sale’.  Presumably, a hoped-for sale had fallen through.


But we see that the ‘For Sale’ sign has now disappeared.  You may just about be able to see in one of our photos the small holes made by the pins that fixed the sign to the larger notice.  We’re back to ‘Sold, Subject to Contract’.  (With ‘Subject to Contract’ shown as just a very small ‘STC’!)


A bit more than five years ago, approval was given for a “development (consisting of a two storey building with accommodation in the roofspace to contain 7 residential flats at first and second floor and a retail unit at ground floor, following the demolition of the (existing building) “  The go-ahead was conditional upon work starting within five years.  It’s claimed that the work was, indeed, started, so that the development can continue now without any further permission.  The borough council is currently considering this claim.


2 thoughts on “Bensons for Beds. Sale on, off and on again?

  1. I gather Monsoon are leaving soon. Due to unexpected circumstances I had to visit the town centre and nothing respect of improving the parking experience. Spotted 1 unsuspecting car with a penalty sticker due to the sneaky permit change next to the Old Thai House
    And empty taxi and disabled places, but still only 30 mins free parking to run errands and unfourtunately for Camberley retail hardly time to spend a penny:-)

    • I didn’t know that about Monsoon – thanks. But that “sneaky permit change” still catches lots of drivers. I warned three drivers in the space of ten minutes (literally) as they were about to park the other day.

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