It’s the slow train for the foreseeable future…..

A while ago we mentioned the study that Surrey County Council had commissioned to investigate options for improving Camberley’s train service (  Specifically, the study looked at the potential for creating a link between our ‘slow’ line, and the faster main line that goes through Farnborough.


We’ve not yet seen the written report that the study produced, but we gather:

“…both preferred options identified in the study represent low value for money, even including additional generated demand for rail services. The study concludes that currently there is no viable solution that provides a direct connection onto the SWML [South West Main Line] from Camberley to London Waterloo, even in longer term.

Whilst this is disappointing, operational improvements will be jointly pursued by the County and Borough Councils through the South Western rail franchise, which is to be renewed in June 2017″

A couple of evenings ago, the borough council urged residents to lobby with the two companies that are bidding for the new franchise.  (You can hear what was said if you access the SurreyHeath Facebook page, and listen to a recording of the meeting.  The relevant discussion begins about forty minutes after the start of the meeting.)  At that time, the council suggested that letters that had already been written by it, the county council and our MP were examples of what/how to lobby.  But, frustratingly, those letters have been removed from the council website!  They used to be found at, but this now comes up with the message ‘Access Denied’.  Keep watching it; it might do better soon.  Either way, the council has offered to coordinate residents’ wishes and ideas for a better rail service; send your thoughts to


3 thoughts on “It’s the slow train for the foreseeable future…..

  1. You mentioned the hole outside of Next in Park Street and hoped that there would not be any Tarmac, well….. [image1.JPG]

    • Many thanks, Bob. Yes, I wandered past the offending patch this morning myself. I’m going to be optimistic for a week; just maybe they’re waiting for the ground to compact before replacing the blocks. After which, I’ll be contacting the relevant councillors…..

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