Cambridge Hotel – are you prepared to do anything?

You’ll know that the Cambridge Hotel has closed.  We don’t know what its future is, but it’s quite possible that it will be demolished very soon.  Are you prepared to form a group to do anything about this?  It would mean being INVOLVED, not just, for example, adding your name to a petition.


This is not the sort of topic which would normally be of high priority to the Eye.  The Eye focuses more on the future than on history and conservation.  But before the hotel building disappears, local people ought to be given the chance of doing something, and not just complaining afterwards.  So, with some reluctance, the EYE is taking the initiative for the moment.

If you’re willing to commit time and effort to saving the Cambridge, please respond to this item.  General interest won’t be enough – it will take commitment.  Have a look at

(The aim would be to get the building ‘classified’ as an Asset of Community Value.  The council article talks about the right to bid for an ACV if one is put on the market.  But I think that, if a building is an ACV, the council also has to give permission before it can be demolished.  So there are other advantages.)



17 thoughts on “Cambridge Hotel – are you prepared to do anything?

  1. The timing prevents me from getting involved sadly. I would happily add my name to a petition but cannot commit to more at present.

    • Yes, I’ve commented that there are vans outside. The ones I saw were removing the contents, rather than being builders’vans, though. If I were a developer, I’d start work soonest, to stop anyone raising an objection.

  2. The most important thing to do is check the land registry for potential owners and the local council planning permission applications. They won’t be knocking it down without some reference to demolition safety measures etc.

    • Marie, I gather that there’s a plan to try to get the building categorised as an Asset of Community Value through CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ales). At the moment, the action is with it.

      • Do you know anymore details of the ACV plan? I want to get involved!!! I’ve plastered it over facebook enough. haha

  3. Due to ill health, I cannot participate in any action. I would willingly sign a Petition, as my Husband & I went there 41 years ago when we were first dating.

    • Many thanks, Elizabeth. In fact, efforts are now being made by CAMRA – Campaign for Real Ale – to protect the building in some way. I think that something more positive than a petition will be needed to achieve anything. Let’s hope that CAMRA has success.

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