Questions for the borough council

A few days ago we mentioned this coming Monday’s live-streamed event by the borough council – streamingWe’ve submitted a number of questions – below.  It will be interesting to see which of them are actually answered during the event…..

As the borough council does not own most of the property in the town centre, and has limited control over what the owners do, would it not be more accurate for the council’s “planning documents” for the town to be titled ‘Aims’, or ‘Aspirations’, rather than ‘Plans’?


In 2014, the borough council said that it “proposes to make the town a foremost regional destination and one of the top 100 towns in the UK” and that this would be achieved by 2018.

By what quantitative measure are the top 100 towns identified, where was Camberley in the ranking when the statement was made, and where are we now?  Does the aim still apply?


For some years the council has worked closely with Capital and Regional over the redevelopment of the London Road Block.  Has the council devoted any significant resources to pursuing alternative schemes (and/or alternative developers) during that time?  If so, what were – and are – they?


At various times over the last decade the council has looked into replacing the Arena Leisure Centre.  In view of the increasing number of people living in the town, has the council considered building a new leisure centre on part of the London Road Block?


As some of the council’s plans for the town centre appear to be too ambitious in the current circumstances, and proposals such as the creation of a new town square are now questionable, does the council intend updating any of its publicly-available planning documents and vision statements?


In view of the Council Leader’s recent statement that her personal view was that even partial pedestrianisation of the High Street was not appropriate, is there any need for a new service road behind the shops on the east side of the street?  If not, why has the council acquired the former ‘Hoover Spares’ building?  What are the plans for the site of this building?


The council has proposed improving the ‘Southern Gateway’ to the town.  What are the proposed improvements, and when might we see them being implemented?


Does the closure of BHS have any significant impact on the financial case for acquiring Ashwood House? 

We’ve had confirmation that the council has received these questions.  Maybe we’ll also make some positive suggestions for the event using Twitter….


5 thoughts on “Questions for the borough council

  1. Well done Eye, any dialogue from the Council if it’s by Carrier pigeon would have been an improvement,sure you will get a full comprehensive reply!

  2. I like your questions. Just a thought, however, should the council also be tying the transport vision in with the overall planning. I recommend that the question of Camberley Station and our ability to travel on a more direct route to London also needs to be considered . If we are trying to grow and be a “recognised” town then our link to the Capital must be of prime importance.

    • A good point, Bob. Of course, both councils have been pursuing the issue of a better train service. I was talking to the county councillor concerned only a few days ago. You may recall that SCC retained Arup to look at the possibility of eg reopening the Sturt Chord. I’m pretty sure that this has been rejected, but the Arup report won’t be made public for a few more days, apparently. Whether SHBC would kick any related questions into touch, I don’t know. Worth asking – though I’m not sure how many questions/suggestions the council will handle in 60 mins.

      • As long as there is not “death by powerpoint” from the council for the majority of tbe session and the session is facilitated properly there should be enough time to respond

        good luck

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