Cambridge Hotel – not everyone seems to have heard

It’s over a fortnight since the impending closure of the Cambridge Hotel was first mentioned here.  Since then it’s been quite widely discussed – not least by the Eye – on Facebook.  But, it seems that not everyone has heard that the hotel is shutting its doors this weekend.  The future of the building is unknown.  Suggestions that it be designated as an Asset of Community Value – which would give local people six months to find a way of saving the building – haven’t taken root very much, though it takes just twenty one people to band together and submit a request to the borough council for an ACV status to be confirmed.

Sadly, unless the situation changes, one of Camberley’s original buildings may well disappear.  So, here are photographs of what it looked like yesterday, in its final opening hours.  (Strangely, the building displays a banner extending to 10th July, but this may not mean very much.)

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10 thoughts on “Cambridge Hotel – not everyone seems to have heard

  1. As I commented a few weeks ago I think you will find its already a done deal Stonegate sold to Building company for development into flats

    • Well, yes and no. Yes – it could well be a done deal. But No if twenty one local people are sufficiently motivated to get the building ‘registered’ as an Asset of Community Value. As yet, I’ve not seen many people show enough enthusiasm for an ACV to become a reality. (There is the challenge that an ACV is only a stay of execution for six months during which a viable way of maintaining the status quo has to be found.)

    • James, I don’t think a petition would achieve anything. The council does have an on-line petition facility:

      Listed below are the Council’s response criteria

      Less than 100 – A response from the relevant officer
      100 – 749 – A response from the relevant member of the Executive
      750 – 3,499 – Referred to the Executive
      3500 or more – Debated at a meeting of the Full Council.

      But, the trouble in this case is that the council might not have any ground for ‘interfering’ with the owner’s plans. The council can’t just step in and say ‘no’. And, as I understand it, at the moment the owner can demolish the building and turn it into flats without getting permission from anyone. (Exceptions being eg if the flats would create a traffic problem.)
      As I’ve written quite a few times lately, the best way forward is to get the building classed as an Asset of Community Value. This requires a group of at least twenty one people to work together; an individual can’t do it on their own. But, as yet, no-one has shown much interest in being part of the twenty one. (To be fair, getting ACV status is probably only the start; a way has to be found of protecting the building in future – which means a viable use and money. There’s no point in just allowing the building to rot.) Without twenty willing and able followers, I’m not offering to lead! Sad, but that’s how it is.
      Camberley Observed is proposing to carry out a live video outside the hotel tomorrow. If there’s interest in this, they’ll ask a question during the council’s live video tomorrow evening. But the challenge – as always with preserving something – is to come up with an economically-viable solution.

    • James, the Cambridge has closed its Facebook page, and your link doesn’t work any longer. I’d shared the hotel’s final photos late last night, and they’ve now disappeared. I haven’t any doubt that you’re right – it would be easy to get enough ‘signatures’. But someone has to lead, including, for example, possibly preparing to bid for the building. That’s a lot of work. (Some viable way of using the existing building in future has to be found; there’s no point in just abandoning it.) You’ll find out more here
      I’ve been surprised at how little interest there’s been in DOING anything as opposed to just reminiscing.

  2. More bloody flats! Let’s just rip all the heritage out of camberley to make way for financially motivated gain. When and where does it stop? The old council buildings, the Odeon Cinema all flats now. No character no aesthetic charm. Camberley is just another extension of London. Sad end to a lovely building which I spent many a Saturday night in and had my hen night in what used to be called Splinters.

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