It’s hardly an invisible mend!

We were walking past Ashwood House in Pembroke Broadway the other day, when we noticed repairs to the ‘brick’ cladding on the pillars at the front of the building.  In fact, it’s hard NOT to notice the repairs; they’re so obvious.  We’re not impressed by the end-result at all.

IMG_1193b IMG_1191b


7 thoughts on “It’s hardly an invisible mend!

  1. In all fairness Eye, it is “in keeping with the overall style criteria” that has been set for that area and Camberley High Street. Unloved Tatty Chic.

    We need to remember, SHBC CEO has made it clear that despite their consultation and plans, the busy 1950’s A Road feature that runs through Camberley High Street will remain.

    We are fortunate to have the Rt. Hon Michael Gove and SHBC sharing the same level of interest and passion for Camberley. Of course local investment needs to be protected for projects such as the Atrium Town Square, Ashwood House and St George’s Industrial Estate.

    The unsightly, narrow and unsuitable pavements are all outside the Atrium, so don’t go there.

    • I can’t comment on our MP – at the moment he must have other distractions which he regards as of higher priority. But otherwise I agree with you. How about a referendum to consider leaving Surrey Heath and joining Farnborough instead?

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