The Knoll Road drawbridge opens a crack….

Many’s the time the Eye has referred to the borough council ‘fortress’ in Knoll Road, and has said that the drawbridge is usually firmly raised.  Regarding the plans for the town centre, we’ve made the point that, if the council were more open about the challenges that it faces, and the obstacles that it has encountered, residents might have fewer grounds for criticism.

Aerial view

Getting on for four months ago, we wrote a private e-mail to a member of the council executive, stressing this point.  (Ironically, we’ve never been able to trace any answer….)  But here are two extracts from what we wrote:

“But I do blame the council for one thing, and that is its failure to communicate.  It so rarely explains why things haven’t gone as well as it had hoped, and it so rarely says what it is doing about it.  Residents do pay for the council, so at least some of us have an understandable wish to know where our money is going.” 


“Whenever there’s a delay at a railway station or an airport, the common complaint is that ‘No-one know what’s happening, and no-one’s telling us anything’ Often, the delay itself becomes secondary.  Until the borough council is more open in its communications, my Camberley Eye blog will have plenty to say…”

We thought that the e-mail had fallen on stony ground.  But possibly not.  The council is holding its first ever live streamed event to discuss the future of the town centre on Monday 4 July at 7:30pm.  You can find the details here:


3 thoughts on “The Knoll Road drawbridge opens a crack….

  1. I hope it will not be used as Social media Smoke screen.
    Might I suggest a series of open public meetings, to debate and explore the various options/ futures for Camberley Town Centre.

    CTC is evolving into Dormitory Barracks without any outside space.
    That means 1000’s of residents without gardens. In breach of all guidelines.

    Have the SHBC planner’s simply lost the plot ?

    • Mike, I’ve submitted questions for tomorrow – I’ll post them here later today. They don’t cover your issues, but I’m sure you’ll do that. But my first Q is whether ‘plans’ is a misnomer; the council has limited control and little ownership. I suggest that ‘aims’ or ‘aspirations’ is closed to the truth. That way, we might come up with a more realistic and appropriate future.

    • Oh, and I’m not sure that open public meetings – anything with a large number of participants – would be quite the best format. We need an honest exchange round a table, not a meeting where people simply complain about parking!

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