Yet another stupid sign!

We get frustrated by the money wasted in producing notices and signs that aren’t of any help.  Here’s another example.  The message in two of our photos below is clear – the ramps between Level 3A of Main Square car park and the rest of the car park are slippery when wet.  Pedestrians (we assume that the sign is aimed at them and not drivers…) should use the stairs instead.  But there’s a snag.  There AREN’T any public stairs on Level 3A.  There haven’t been for years.P1060677bP1060676b

What’s more, just to make the point, the borough council – we assume it was the council, as it owns the building – recently installed a no-nonsense metal door to block off all access to a nearby private staircase.  We guess that this was a first step in the conversion of the building’s upper floors into flats.  (The council has said that it hopes to submit a formal application for the modification this autumn.)



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