More burgers in Camberley

We’re a bit late with the news – again.  But this time it’s the probability that the 7Bone Burger Company will be setting up shop in part of the empty units underneath the Premier Inn in Park Street.  More specifically, the restaurant is apparently destined for ‘Units 4/5’.


It’s slightly ironic – to us, at least – that only two months ago we reported that the owners of that run of empty units had apparently abandoned hope that they would ‘all’ become restaurants as originally planned.  They’d therefore applied for permission to use them for other purposes.  But, with hindsight, we see that Unit 5 was missing from the application, so maybe 7Bone Burger ( was already negotiating to occupy it?


9 thoughts on “More burgers in Camberley

      • Ah thats good, good visibility from the A30 as well, hopefully people will start to see there is more to Camberley than derelict buildings and a lacklustre council.

  1. This looks amazing, very excited! Golf on one end, burgers on another. Just need another restaurant and/or perhaps a nice bar in there and we’re away. Hopefully someone will eventually pick up that corner section of the Atrium too.

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