Blue Inc – five months is a long time in retail

Back in January we reported that, although Blue Inc was closing a quarter of its shops, Camberley wasn’t one of them.  Which seemed to be the case.  But we were told a little while ago that the situation had changed, and that, sadly, the Camberley branch would be closing after all.  Here’s the last of the shop, front and back.  Empty, as you can see.

P1060879b P1060877b


13 thoughts on “Blue Inc – five months is a long time in retail

      • ‘Dump’ is a bit unfair. It has been smartened up over the last year or so, of course. It’s tatty around the edges – I doubt there’s enough profit in the business to turn it into something polished – but, compared to the derelict or boarded-up buildings just along the road, it’s acceptable. And, as it’s one of Camberley’s most important buildings historically, the council ought to dig its heels in over any redevelopment.

  1. No one can say that the council wasnt told over the years how their parking policies were driving customers or potential customers out of town.

    Love Camberley is becoming more like Forget Camberley for many.

    • Well, yes and no! What really matters, I guess, is value for money rather than the absolute cost of parking. In practice, the absolute cost isn’t that different from quite a few other towns – and Basingstoke can be more expensive. But a tired High Street (with increasingly uneven and badly-maintained pavements) and a dying A30 frontage aren’t exactly incentives to come to the town. The Mall does its best, and a lot of people use the restaurants and cinemas there, but the rest of the town is off-putting.

      • Cost is not the only negative about Camberley parking..access and no consistency on systems, charges, times and throw in parking permits and the oft reported screw ups at barriers and payment machines and Camberley is the last resort now for shopping choice….and very little seems to be moving in terms of development….Is BHS still open for business?

      • True, queuing to pay to leave is doubly=irritating. But, re BHS, I’ve not been in Camberley today, so I don’t know if it’s still open. I guess it’s still selling off the remaining stock, though.

  2. It’s only busy one evening a week Karoke ( I would not be surprised if this moves to the Surrey Arms as its part of the same group Stonegate & it’s being managed by the Manager from the Cambridge. Historical building or not money is always the winner!

    • I can’t argue with you about ‘money’. A point that I’ve often made is that maintaining/preserving old buildings costs – and money doesn’t grow on trees. So unless someone – commerce or the council (pity the poor old tax-payer) – comes up with the cash, an unused building is usually doomed.

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