We’re ashamed of the town’s appearance

If you’re a visitor to Camberley, you have probably parked in Main Square car park.  Which is owned by the borough council – on behalf of the residents, of course.

If you leave the car park by the PRINCIPAL stairs (not some backstreet stairwell), this is what you experience.

P1060693bP1060675bWe visit a lot of town centres.  This is one of the worst – probably THE worst – car park ‘front door’ that we encounter.  Yet the council’s avowed intention is to “see Camberley become one of the top 100 destinations in the country.”  The gap between the words and the reality takes our breath away.

Compare Camberley’s stairwell with the one in the photo below.  It was taken in a quite elderly car park in central Basingstoke.  To think that Basingstoke was once a ‘joke town’.


The borough council tells us: ” All stairwells were refurbished in 2012/13 and will be refreshed including minor repairs and yellow line repainting in July/August when the car park is quieter and works will cause less disruption.

“We are working on a major capital improvement project for the Car Park which will involve the resurfacing of Level 5 to bring it up to standard (with recently resurfaced Level 4.) This will include the replacement of the structural expansion joints on the top deck.


9 thoughts on “We’re ashamed of the town’s appearance

  1. I am constantly disgusted by the state of repair of our town and shop there as infrequently as possible

    • The two bodies best able to improve the appearance of the town – and I’m excluding The Mall here – are the county council to maintain the pavements better, and Collectively Camberley to motivate retailers as a body to improve their premises. I can no longer see a role for the borough council, since it produces fine plans but no results. It says openly that it has no control.

  2. I use these stairs to go to Bridge every Friday…absolutely disgusting and then there is the High Street !

    • Increasingly, Shirley, we only visit town centres for pleasure. We now have many alternative ways of carrying out essential shopping, so we don’t HAVE to go to town. Once we might have had to endure dirty walkways and stairwells, but now we can stay away most of the time. If the council wants us to visit – as it must – it has to do more to encourage us.

  3. Camberley is now the joke town (A30 frontage, continual parking farce, shops disappearing faster than anywhere.)of all local towns.
    Blame lies entirely at the door of the planners at SHBC who have no idea, and made such a cock up with The Atrium annexe that the town is now blighted forever with no space left to improve.

    Half of it should be knocked down as high street retail is now a dead duck..but the near sighted planning dept just grant more flats…anywhere.

    Its not only the internet that has killed off the high street..council parking grabs and no public transport or bike route visions contribute.

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