Some local shopping snippets….

It was announced earlier today that Frenchies – the ice-cream parlour – has been sold as a going concern.  Excellent news, even though many people will know it by now.  Less well known is that Pets Corner is apparently moving into the former Mothercare shop (which we mentioned quite recently).


But, we have to issue a correction.  We’ve talked about the restaurant-style fume extraction system being installed in the converted former Cargo shop in Camberley’s Park Street.  We’d put two and two together and concluded that this was for the half of the shop that’s being fitted-out.  We now gather that this is for the un-let half, and that the fitting out is for a clothing shop that’s relocating from elsewhere in the town.  We’ve had a name mentioned, but we’ll wait to see it confirmed before passing it on.

Finally, we understand that a local councillor’s statement that Yo! Sushi will be coming to the Atrium was premature.  At the moment, it looks more like no sushi!


2 thoughts on “Some local shopping snippets….

    • Indeed, that’s my understanding too, Bob. But as I wrote about that a day or three ago, I didn’t repeat the information. In fact, work seems to be underway on that shop already, so maybe my suggestion that we’d have to wait two or three months was a bit off-target. It might be sooner?

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