Cargo evolving into a restaurant

This is the latest state of the former Cargo premises in Park Street, now being divided into two.  What’s more, a planning application to install ‘catering style’ fume extraction has been submitted to the borough council.  Yes, we can speculate about the identity of the next occupant!



8 thoughts on “Cargo evolving into a restaurant

    • Those rumours, Steve, never had any basis in fact. I think I’ve written somewhere before that Carluccios were very interested when the Atrium first opened. They applied for an ‘alcohol licence’ at about that time for the still-empty corner unit. But they never followed it through. (Sorry, I wrote this much earlier today, but failed to click on ‘Send’!)

      • It’s no secret that one of the councillors a while ago said that Yo! Sushi was coming to the Atrium. (I might be wrong, but I suspect they shouldn’t have said that, and that the information was commercially confidential. Certainly there’s nothing that I can find in the public domain to confirm it.)

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