Camberley’s train service. Put up or shut up.

As we mentioned briefly in our long article yesterday, Camberley’s poor train service was highlighted at Wednesday’s public meeting in the council offices.  A key theme of the presentation was that the main way in which the borough and county councils can influence the situation is through lobbying the relevant ‘officials’.  IT WAS POINTED OUT THAT EVERY RESIDENT COULD – AND SHOULD – ALSO LOBBY to support the councils’ efforts.  If you don’t lobby NOW, you can’t complain about our inadequate train service ever again!

Do consider sending a suitable e-mail to  our MP (  Do this quite urgently as time is short.

Below are copies of the letters sent by the borough and county councils to Mr Gove and to the Department for Transport: these are undoubtedly longer than anything that you need write!  However, the letter to the DfT seems to reveal a problem.  Whereas we understand that the Camberley Society’s proposed improvement to the train service involves coupling trains at Aldershot, the letter to the DfT – unless we’re mistaken – suggests something quite different.

SHBC letter to Gove re trains

SHBC letter to DoT re trains 1SHBC letter to DoT re trains 2

We’ve tried and failed to contact either the society or Councillor Goodman to resolve the position.  So, as we suspect that Mr Gove might be rather busy at the moment dealing with other matters (!), we suggest that – contrary to the recommendation issued recently by the Camberley Society – when you e-mail Mr Gove, you keep his life simple and consider adopting the same approach as the councils.  This is to make NO mention of any specific way of improving the rail service. Instead, perhaps write something along the lines of: “I am well-aware of approaches that you have already received to ensure that the improvement of Camberley’s rail service is included in the forthcoming Invitation to Tender for the replacement of the existing South West Trains franchise.  As a Camberley resident who is badly affected by the current totally inadequate train service, I would like to confirm my support for those approaches.”  This text would achieve the prime purpose of making sure that our MP is aware of the strength of feeling locally and that he communicates this elsewhere.

If you recommend any different course of action, please ‘Comment’ on this item SOON!


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