Someone was on the ball…

If you noticed these barriers in the road as you left the Atrium yesterday, you might have wondered why they were there.  The same question occurred to the Eye.  Who, being on foot, was able to investigate further.  A piece of a cast iron inspection cover had broken away completely, leaving a hole.  But the hole wasn’t large enough to be a traffic hazard, so who spotted it and took action to prevent it getting worse and becoming a real problem?

P1060780b P1060781b


2 thoughts on “Someone was on the ball…

  1. On the ball to have spotted the hole – but not so quick to fix it as the barriers surrounding it have been there for more than a week!

    • Ah, well, you probably won’t be too surprised that I don’t visit EVERYWHERE in Camberley every day. In fact I was away for much of the last week. (I had a special permit to travel outside the town!)

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