Half a Cargo

We’ve mentioned in the recent past that the Atrium wants to divide the former Cargo shop in Park Street into two.  Ironically – at least to us – the shop is thought to be too large to appeal to prospective tenants.  This seems to be very different from the Mall’s experience, where an extension had to be built to accommodate TK Maxx.

Whatever…. the dividing wall has now been built by the Atrium.  This very unexciting photograph shows it in place a couple of days ago.

(The other half of the shop now has a temporary (?) front door just inside the building.  But it was impossible to take a useful photo of it – reflections in the window were just too confusing.)


We do know, of course, the rumours about who will be moving into the new unit.  But so many such rumours turn out to be wrong that we don’t pass them on.  Otherwise we’d have been saying for years that John Lewis is definitely coming to Camberley…  If only!


8 thoughts on “Half a Cargo

  1. Ideally we need a Carluccios and a Pret a Manager. There is also that huge corner unit next door that has been vacant forever. I wish the council would get its act together and start the regeneration.

    • “Ideally”, yes. But of course it’s up to those businesses to come to us. The Mall or the Atrium can make overtures – and offer incentives- but at the end of the day they don’t make the decision. And the council has virtually no role to play in such cases. But you may remember that when the Atrium first opened, Carluccio wanted to occupy that corner unit. They got as far as applying for an alcohol licence. But they changed their mind subsequently. Maybe seeing how successful most other restaurants are in Camberley, they might change their mind again…

      You’ll no doubt have deduced that the Eye isn’t a great fan of the borough council when it comes to regeneration. With economic clouds looming again, and footfall dropping in town centres, I suspect that ‘Plan A’ is even more out of reach. Yet there’s little evidence in public of a Plan B. The Eye is not the only one to go on about this. A peer review by the Local Government Association said the same thing eighteen or so months ago.

  2. Regeneration & Borough Council in the same sentence my information is HM Supplies has a lease for at least another two years ………..

    • Yes, ‘regeneration’ doesn’t go well with ‘SHBC’. But, of course I was wrong in thinking that HM Supplies own their own premises. I think it’s owned by the Bonds. I’m pretty sure that it used to be.

    • Oh yes, Frenchies’ closure has been publicised for a while. I think it happens in about ten days’ time. But you’re bad news for the local paper – it was their front page story the week before last (?), so I imagine that you’re not a regular reader.

      • Correct not a reader of local paper, use your media to see what is or not happening.

      • That’s kind of you. Though I’m a bit narrow-minded when it comes to reporting the ‘news’. No scandal, no tittle-tattle, no police dramas…. Just manhole covers etc!

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