Remember the old (new) Co-op logo?

It seems only a few days ago that the national press was reporting that the Co-op was reinstating its old logo.  Brand-awareness is so important, yet the Co-op seemed to have become rather faceless.


Anyway, it didn’t take long.  The Co-op funeral service in Camberley’s Park Street was having a new – ‘old’ – sign installed yesterday.


Apparently “The Co-op will rebrand over 500 stores and 250 funeral care homes this year, and the new look will be rolled out to the whole group by May 2019”



6 thoughts on “Remember the old (new) Co-op logo?

  1. Like all other bowling clubs in England, or is it uk, the Co-op have sponsored Camberley Bowling Club by giving us some bowling equipment and we thank them for that. Adding back their logo is a good thing but will have significant costs associated.

    • It’s one of those inevitable ‘unknowns’, Brian. Logos that get out of date, or are old-fashioned, reflect poorly on an organisation, but the cost of modernising them (sometimes almost imperceptibly) is usually, as you say, significant. So when/whether to make the change is a tricky decision.

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