More town centre flats – but no new parking places?

Back in December 2014 we wrote about the prospect of the Working Men’s Club in Obelisk Way being redeveloped.  Well, that prospect has come much closer, as an outline  planning application has now been submitted.P1110374b

There seems to be no alternative to complete demolition of the club and replacing it with flats.  The existing building has no historic value, and its current use apparently isn’t viable commercially..  So there are really only two issues:  firstly, is the proposed architecture  (which is only a concept at this stage) appropriate, and, secondly, is it acceptable that the new flats – sixteen in total – should have no dedicated parking spaces?  (The proposal is that the residents should use on-street permit-only parking.)


We don’t see anything to object to in the proposed design.  But the parking issue needs serious thought.  Is there a risk that parking spaces could be allocated ‘permanently’ in the service area opposite the club?  If so, would this impede the redevelopment of the London Road Block – the area between Obelisk Way and the A30?  That would be bad news.



7 thoughts on “More town centre flats – but no new parking places?

  1. SHBC will need to act to protect residents.

    Camberley early morning Nightclubs will need to move out of Town, perhaps to the Meadows or Watchetts Business park.

    Normal Pubs and Restaurants are welcome. Last orders 23:30.

    • Protect residents from what , surely we don’t want anymore empty premises or do we want more Charity & Tacky shops.

      • ‘Tacky’ is in the eye of the beholder, of course. I’ve argued for years that the only way that (most) shops can survive long-term in Camberley is to go upmarket. Competition from eg Bracknell will be too great for them to compete on price; they’ll have to offer something else – service and quality. But not everyone in Camberley is wealthy, and it probably wouldn’t be good if they were, so shops have to cater for people from all walks of life. A bit of tacky is needed for balanced community. Just not too much.

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