Yet another silly sign…

We’ve been sent this photo taken in the theatre car park.  (Many thanks to the photographer.)

Knoll road car park sign

How long ago did the borough council install a ticket-less parking system?  Long enought to have changed this sign, for sure.

It realy doesn’t matter, does it?  We already know that the council doesn’t look at the town critically, to see what might be improved.  (Remember that sign still in Knoll Walk that points to the ‘Arts Link’ – a former name for the theatre that was phased out twenty five years ago.)

Well, yes it does matter.  Local people don’t need to be told how the car park works, or how to find their away about.  The signs are only there to help visitors.  But make things difficult for the visitors, and the visitors are less likely to return.  That’s less money they’ll spend in our shops and restaurants.  Which makes the council’s ambition to make Camberley a top 100 town even less achievable.  But perhaps not all parts of the council have bought into that dream?


8 thoughts on “Yet another silly sign…

  1. I don’t bother with parking or even shopping in Camberley these days (and for a long while). In fact, last time I did it, I had recently replaced my car and did not know the reg plate number – this involved an additional trog up the stairs and write down the pate number . What you are paying for is actually very poor technology that pisses you off and costs a lot of money.
    I only ever want a quick stop and if I do I shop at Farnborough (40p for a half hour) or Aldershot (20p for 15 mins – parking right in the High street\) and Fleet has some free car parks. Camberley seem to think that a minimum parking charge of £1.60 or £1.80 is acceptable. It isn’t and I live in Camberley… Its a real shame that people like me shop in other towns but despite many people having raised the issue, SHBC remain greedy and unhelpful on the parking issue.
    I actively avoid the town centre at Christmas time as the ineffective and over-priced parking system clogs the place to the extent that making a large detour saves you a lot of time if you want to go anywhere!!!
    I doubt the borough council would take any of these comments on board – they seem to actively ignore the majority of the people that pay their council taxes…
    I’m surprised the traders in the town dont make a fuss about the parking stupidity.

  2. There are a lot of negative views on this site regarding the parking in Camberley. I’ve been a local resident for 13 years, I think the parking on the whole is pretty good and I shop in Camberley on regular basis. The prepayment system for knoll and mall carparks make worrying about queuing up for payments a thing of the past. I agree that some other towns are a bit cheaper but I am happy to pay extra for convenience. When I need to park for less than 30 minutes, it’s free when parking on the high street, which I do on a regular basis.

    I do acknowledge that the mall car park has issues of congestion which can build up very quickly, I have a radical idea for solving this, how about switching the mall car park entrance and exits around? That means cars entering the car park can drive directly to the level they want avoiding levels with congestion, I appreciate this could move the congestion issues to exiting, but it can’t make things worse.

    • Matt, many of the negative views are the opinions of others. The Eye has been critical of the way parking permits were introduced in the A30 service road – even the council subsequent admitted that there had been a communications failure. The Eye also comments – quite frequently – on opportunities to improve the operation of the council’s (it’s not the mall’s) Main Square car park. You might be right about swopping the entrance and the exit, but there’s no likelihood that the council will try it. There have been simpler suggestions – eg reorientate the parking spaces so that they’re arranged in a herring-bone fashion. This would make it easier and quicker to enter and leave them, hence there would be less congestion. All it requires is some paint and a commitment to try it, but that seems to be a step too far. As does changing those ‘SPACE’ signs at the entrance to something more meaningful. You’ll deduce that I too am in Camberley quite often – and I park in Main Square car park. It’s an easy car park to use – no sharp corners – and I quite like it. But that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be better managed.

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