More silly signage

Most people will have walked near  this silly signage, but probably not noticed it.  It’s in the road that runs next to the NatWest bank in Park Street.

P1060555b P1060557b P1060599b

The two yellow notices are within a few feet of each other; one prohibits parking completely, but the other only excludes it during the day – and it’s OK to park on Sundays.  (It’s almost impossible to see the wall-mounted sign in our more-distant photo, but it’s there, believe us.)  Then, the two yellow stripes on the kerb – which you can just about see – mean no loading, but, unless we’re much mistaken, the law requires that such stripes be accompanied by a nearby notice confirming the situation.  Which there isn’t!

Anyway, this is all pretty academic.  At least we think so.  No sensible driver would park or unload in such a narrow thoroughfare.  On the other hand, some drivers – not us, of course – aren’t sensible….


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