Atrium car park – work in progress

A little while ago we showed a photo of preparations to improve the Atrium car park’s exit barriers.  The safety barrier had been removed, and all that was left was its concrete mountings.

Well, those mountings have now disappeared, and new ones were in the process of being cast when we took this photo a couple of days ago.


(We’re a bit late posting today.  In the excitement of winning a prize in the Mayor’s Ball raffle, we forgot to click on ‘Publish’!)



5 thoughts on “Atrium car park – work in progress

  1. Let’s hope the general lack of comments recently isn’t a sign that people are being ground down by the lack of any positive news, perhaps the news that the Malls £4.5 m revamp to begin in June will lift spirits who knows!

    • I hope so. But elsewhere on Facebook the general attitude to the revamp is that it’s a waste of tax-payers’ money. (Yes, even though it’s the Mall’s money.)

    • But, you’re right, for the last week the Eye’s viewing figures have dropped a little. It’s been fairly quiet on Facebook too. I can’t generating exciting news (and the approval of the Mall’s revamp at last week’s planning meeting was a foregone conclusion, so not really news at all), so it’s steady as it goes. Or maybe I’ll have a holiday!

  2. The Mayor’s ball – there’s posh. Keep going David – I think everyone’s been busy gardening in that brief summer we had.

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