Watchetts Park (mis)information

One of our readers has kindly sent us this photo of a sign at the entrance to Watchetts Park.  He included a few observations:


– Watchetts Park does NOT have football facilities – it is entirely dominated and used by the rugby club.

– The park does not have a putting area (I think there was pitch and putt quite some years ago but that is long gone).

– It does have cricket – in summer time – now that the rugby posts have been removed. It also has a fenced and netted section for cricket practice which I have never seen being used despite it being constantly maintained, the area remains permanently locked up.

– The park does have four public (tarmac) tennis courts available for hire – not just the posh all weather courts that are exclusive to Frimley Lawn Tennis Club.

– Watchetts Bowls Club folded several years ago – maybe four or five years and the clubhouse lies derelict (and condemned). The council did ask for bids to use the site and I believe received four offers (use by the rugby club, a nursery, a dog training facility and something else) but for whatever reason nothing has happened Despite that, it is worth noting that Glendale who maintain the park keep it clean and mowed to a very high standard – the best of all the parks in the area by a long way. It also has loos that are open in daytime and kept very clean for public loos! The main thing the park lacks is some picnic benches… there is one half derelict bench under the trees at the back of the park and a couple of seat benches along the side of the main rugby pitch but nothing else.

In other words… “the signpost is very much out of date and could be improved and corrected by the borough council with little effort or expense!”



10 thoughts on “Watchetts Park (mis)information

    • As we point out from time to time, the purpose of a sign is to give clear and simple information. So often ‘the authorities’ forget this. They live in their own little world where putting up a sign is sufficient. Whether it’s a GOOD sign escapes them.

  1. Football now takes place over at kings international along with hockey & football traning on the all weather pitch.

  2. Whilst the Council maybe proud of its parks, pity they don’t feel the same about its shopping facilities & environment no chance of attracting potential new Businesses.

  3. The park is a lovely one. We walk our dog there twice a day. We don’t want picnic benches as they produce litter. The lads do play football although it is with makeshift goals and whats wrong with that. The cricket practice area is used and actually was being used the other evening. The pitch and putt went a long time ago along with the little shed which dished out clubs and tennis equipment (and always had a dog water bowl). Glendale do an amazing job with this park and all of the others in the borough. The council should have sorted the bowling club months ago – as usual red tape got in the way and the land is going to ruin. Although this is and always has been a public park the rugby club think they own it and they will probably get the bowling club area in the end for training – in fact they were in there the other weekend !!

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