Would you vote for a litterer?

[Note, this item was written at the end of April.  But we decided to delay publication until after yesterday’s election of a new police and crime commissioner (PCC).  But, we really do object to what we saw.  Zero tolerance should definitely apply to people who stuff advertisements under windscreen wipers…]


We’ve spotted leaflets placed under windscreen wipers in the centre of Camberley.  We’ve no idea if that was done with the blessing of the candidate PCC whose name is on the top of the leaflet.  Somehow we doubt it – but we’re not impressed.  Or perhaps someone was out to cause mischief by distributing leaflets in that way?

P1060613b P1060612b


8 thoughts on “Would you vote for a litterer?

  1. The leaflet in your picture is the only one I have seen regarding the PCC election. There was a definite lack of information regarding the candidates , unless you trawled the Internet how were you expected to make an informed descision as to who to vote for ? I know that isn’t just the case in Surrey Heath but in many other areas too.

    • I daresay the candidates think they distributed loads of leaflets and information. But from the number of ‘complaints’ I’ve seen, they didn’t do enough.

  2. At the polling station in Camberley, the people on the desk said it was the biggest complaint from people that they hadn’t had any information. It seems it was only on the website, which is where the results will be.

  3. Leaflets under the wipers is a pet peeve of mine. One time I didn’t notice a flyer under my wiper until it started to rain while driving home – not impressed at having to pull over and get wet removing it, but it was making the wiper smear.

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