Atrium car park: a seven year saga….

Users of the Atrium car park will know that a ‘new’ entry barrier has been installed on the ramp leading into the car park.  Why?  Almost certainly it’s because the original barriers – entry and exit – in the car park are extremely difficult to negotiate and are being moved.  They’re ‘fender-benders’.

This is a long-running saga.  Almost as soon as the building had been completed, the contractors admitted privately that squeezing a quart into a pint pot hadn’t worked.  The concrete had scarcely cured before parts of the car park were being demolished to make manoeuvring a little easier.  The first two photos below were taken seven years apart.  One shows dwarf concrete walls along the centre of an internal ramp being removed – they were replaced by rubber strips.  (You can tell how new the car park was by the cleanliness of the concrete.)  The other – taken yesterday – shows the concrete base of one of the entry barriers;  or, more accurately, it shows where the base used to be.  Almost certainly, there’ll be a bit more space when a new barrier is installed.

DSC00435b P1060632b

Preparatory work has also been carried out on the exit barrier, presumably so that the exit can be reconfigured too.  The final photo shows that the metal ‘Armco’ steel barrier has been unbolted from the floor, and has been placed to one side for re-use/removal.




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