Bowlplex or Tenpin?

The question in the heading of this item is an obvious one.  The name ‘Bowlplex’ in front of the bowling alley in Camberley’s Atrium has disappeared, and it’s been replaced by a  – temporary – sign saying ‘Tenpin’.  Which is also the name on a poster by the entrance.  (The poster gives the contact website as; a website which makes no mention of ‘Bowlplex’.)


However, a current application in the window for a minor variation in the premises licence says “the premises known as Bowlplex”.


So, which is it?  ‘Tenpin’ or ‘Bowlplex’?  Almost certainly the former, as we’ve just found the following statement dated December last year:

“Tenpin bowling giant The Original Bowling Company (TOBC) – the operator behind brands such as Hollywood Bowl and AMF Bowling – has been given the green light to complete its acquisition of Bowlplex.

The Competitions and Markets Authority gave its approval to the takeover, expected to be completed this week, following a lengthy assessment of how the deal would impact market competitiveness. The deal will see will see TOBC add 11 of Bowlplex’s 17 locations to its portfolio, taking its number of nationwide bowling centres to 54.


4 thoughts on “Bowlplex or Tenpin?

  1. I know this is an old post, but I have always been unsure of the reason as to why Bowlplex shut down. I am aware that at one point there were security guards in there and apparently some trouble mainly happening at night. This trouble then seemed to settle down for a little while but then the place was closed…

    • I can’t remember the details, but the whole Bowlplex company went out of business. I think it was taken over; it wasn’t particularly a problem with the Camberley alley.

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