Sunday is 14% of the week….

So, in view of the title of this item, there’s a 14% chance that, if you have a problem in Knoll Road multi-storey car park during the day, there won’t be anyone available to help you.  Not even a mobile number.  Not even an automatic call-forwarding service.  You’ll just have to wait ’till Monday.  (Or does the notice actually mean that there’s no assistance on Sundays 8am to 6pm, but that any other time, day or night, Monday to Saturday, it’s available?)

Why do we always have to guess what a notice is intended to say?  Does ‘management’ ever get involved before the text is finalised?  Or, a worse thought, perhaps it does.)

P1060384b P1060381b

(Apologies for the bicycle in the photo. We’d already padlocked it to the building before we spotted the notice, and there it remained!)


4 thoughts on “Sunday is 14% of the week….

  1. I hope the rucksack on the back did not make it unsafe to ride! how would we cope if we did not have our daily Camberley update? I’m still grateful for the change of parking regs in the slip road!

    • The amazing thing, Mary, is that, in spite of some rotten road surfaces around here, the bag – which travels strapped to a carrier – has never fallen off. Yet.

    • I’m a devotee of cycle helmets. The jury’s out on whether they actually make cycling safer, but I don’t want to end up wishing that I’d worn one in an accident.

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