BHS – no, it’s not smashing news

We all know about BHS going into administration.  But is it coincidence that the door to the BHS lifts has been smashed?  (Possibly it is.  The doors haven’t been in a very good state for a while.)




6 thoughts on “BHS – no, it’s not smashing news

  1. The borough Council owns the building and is talking about turning it into about eighty flats. Presumably much of the ground floor will still be devoted to retail, but finding tenants won’t be easy.

  2. The exodus from the high street continues, yes out of town and internet have made a massive impact on our shopping trends but town centres everywhere have been hard hit by greedy landlords and equally greedy councils chasing the parking dollar.
    SHBC are guilty here, as many who no longer shops in Camberley cites the terrible parking and access facilities as their reasons for not shopping there.

    There soon will be very little left to Love Camberley.!! Gone BHS Gone Currys who’s next ? Halfords? A few banks?

    • Emil, I’m not intending to defend anyone here. Yes, you’re right about out-of-town and internet shopping. The Eye has been mentioning this for quite a while. But ‘greedy landlords’? It doesn’t seem to me to be good business to set rents so high that no-one can afford them. Landlords need income. Presumably they set their rents as high as the ‘market’ can stand, but no higher. There must be more to it than greed. The Galleries shopping centre in Aldershot is almost totally empty, even though one unit was occupied rent-free a couple of years ago. ‘Greedy councils’ – well, the way that SHBC manages Main Square car park is ludicrous. But most weekends there’s a queue of drivers waiting to enter. Maybe cheaper weekday parking would bring more people in, though. The squalid stairwells must put visitors – including me – off.

    • Office conversion is unlikely to produce a really inspired place to live. What we need is developments with a sense of community; human spaces built around a central area. A modern version of the village green. It can be done, it undoubtedly costs more not to make use of every square inch, but it’s a lot better than sterile ‘battery farm’ living.

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