Thai Restaurant/Betty Brown’s Tea Room

Yesterday there was quite a lot of concerned discussion about the potential demolition of the Thai Restaurant building on the London Road.  As regular readers of the Eye will know, redevelopment of the whole London Road Block has been proposed for years, and that the council agreed some years ago that it could – if unavoidable – use compulsory purchase powers to acquire buildings for redevelopment.

With this background in mind, we’re showing below two alternative schemes that were considered for the frontage of the restaurant building.  It’s fairly well known that the modifications stem from about 1926, but it’s a bit of a surprise to see that the designs aren’t much older;  the drawings, which can be viewed in the Surrey Heath Museum, date from 1925.

P1100450b P1100456b

(Now, for devotees of the building.  Which of the two drawings was implemented?  Don’t cheat – rely on your memory!)



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