A contemporary sign – contemporary with 2014, that is

We recall that SteveD told us about the sign in today’s photo quite a while ago.  But even then it was completely out of date.  It’s at the entrance to Camberley’s High Street, and presumably no-one cares enough about the town to remove it.  Or, at least, to update it, as we suspect that most of the information it displays is still correct.P1130955b


7 thoughts on “A contemporary sign – contemporary with 2014, that is

  1. If businesses are “unaffected” by the closure of the High Street to traffic, I would suggest that is grist to the mill of your argument that they should pedestrianise it!

  2. I’m waiting for you to start the town sign clear-up – I’ll hire a lorry, you can bring the manpower. Think what we could do in a day to show our council that some folk care!

  3. I understand Councils are to be given the power to remove pointless Road signs by the Goverment being introduced by Patrick McLoughlin Transport Secretary on Friday,maybe Camberley will be acting on this saving money & more importantly improving the visual aspect.

    • Many thanks for that. Worth watching out for. But how about powers to remove pointless posts? There’s a sign-less post slap bang in the middle of the pavement at the top of the High Street.

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