Skating rink questionnaire; putting the record straight

You may remember that a day or two ago we said that we’d just found a questionnaire on the borough council’s website that asked for views about a possible skating rink in Camberley this Christmas. We did admit that we didn’t know how long the questionnaire had been there, and whether there is/was a deadline for responses. But several helpful people quickly told us that a similar questionnaire – on paper – had been available at the Christmas lights switch on last year.

Ice rink questionnaire

So, we checked with the council, and those helpful people were right. (Our followers are always right, of course.) In fact, the on-line questionnaire went live at about the same time as the paper version. At the moment it’s ‘sleeping’ on the website, but it’s ready to be woken up if/when appropriate. But responses are apparently welcome at any time So what we’d written was a few months late, but still relevant.

We did chuckle, however. Only a matter of hours after we’d published our late-but-still-relevant item, a local society – which had better be nameless to spare its blushes! – e-mailed its members with remarkably similar information.  But it added that the questionnaire related to the London Road Recreation Ground (which isn’t necessarily the case) and that the questionnaire might only be available during this month.  Which doesn’t appear to be the situation. Tut tut!


9 thoughts on “Skating rink questionnaire; putting the record straight

  1. Discussions between said local society and the Council officers indicate that the London Road Rec. is the only site being considered. Of course technically one could site an ice rink on any flat enough and large enough patch of land not otherwise occupied but to the best of our knowledge at this time the site will be the London Road Rec. As for the timing, well we were keen to get people to respond! And you have only just discovered the survey’s ‘true’ status.

  2. While I appreciate the Eye, I think its wrong of you to knock that unnamed local society. They are doing their best to take care of Camberley, and while you do bring up good points, they are actually taking action, not just reporting the news.

    • What action is the “unnamed local society ” taking the Eye is at least raising items on a daily basis trying to improve Camberley sure we will need another misleading sign to show people where the Ice Rink will or if will reside!

    • Stephanie/Steve, I’ll respond to you jointly. I hope that’s OK.

      Firstly, the background. I have two aims with the ‘Eye’. One is to keep local people informed, the other is to highlight where local authorities could do better. I’m a resident and a tax payer, and I like to live in a pleasant town.

      (Steve, you refer to ‘taking action’. What matters, of course, isn’t actions but results……)

      OK, first the personal aspect. The item that I wrote about the skating rink questionnaire was a result of my personal time, energy and cash. It was therefore really rather impolite of ‘the society’ (a registered charity which has a committee to carry out its work, and which has financing from members’ subscriptions and gift aid from HMRC) to report what I’d written without attributing it to the ‘Eye’ in any way. At least I was polite enough subsequently not to name the society that committed this transgression.

      But, more importantly, the society’s e-mail to its members undermined the validity of the council’s questionnaire. The questionnaire makes no mention whatsoever of WHERE the ice rink/fair might be located; it was entirely a creative addition by the society when it e-mailed that the questionnaire was about a skating rink on Southwell Park Road Recreation Ground*. Of course, I know, for example, that a local councillor has said that this will be the case. But I’ve known that councillor – with nothing but honest intentions – to forecast wrongly before. As yet, I don’t think the site has been formally settled and announced?

      This isn’t academic, of course. The views of residents near ALL potential sites are equally important, and it’s wrong to motivate some more than others to respond to the questionnaire. Which is why I think the society’s e-mail was unfortunate.

      Stephanie, obviously you’re right that the rink has to be flat. But, knowing that Camberley might have one, I visited a few last Christmas. They were all raised off the ground quite considerably, so they were level even though the ground that they stood on wasn’t. Which means that the choice of location isn’t quite as limited as might be thought.

      I do hope we have a skating rink – don’t get me wrong. But the project has to be handled properly. Premature information – even if turns out to be correct – isn’t a good basis for decisions.


      (*I’ve referred to Southwell Park Road Recreation Ground as the society seems to believe that this is its correct name. But is the society right? In a rare moment of generosity, I’m going to agree with the borough council when it calls the whole recreation area the London Road Recreation Ground. )

  3. Serving the “Community since 1982 ” is the Society headline if this is the case you need to have frequent up to date posts to do this surely you need to report on any small items that collectively hopefully, will make a difference well done Eye your trying to help the Community.

    • Spot on, Mike. ‘Big ticket’ items affecting the town are few and far between. Most of the time it’s little things – but add them all together and they become more significant. Also, my hope is that, if the council gets constructive feedback, whether positive or not (I’d prefer it to be positive, obviously) it’ll be motivated to maintain a high standard. It must be pretty soul destroying to work for a community that shows no interest in what you’re doing.

    • Dominic, ‘Camberley Park’ is undoubtedly large enough. A couple of rinks that I looked at last Christmas were just on spare land within garden centres. OK, a large Xmas fair/market needs more, but the park is still large enough. It slopes quite significantly, which wouldn’t be ideal, but whether this makes it a non-starter I don’t know. In other respects – closer to the town – it’s better than the ‘rec’, but maybe local residents would have a different point of view.

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