Do you want a skating rink in Camberley?

We’ve just come across this questionnaire from Surrey Heath Borough Council:

Ice rink questionnairePresumably the questionnaire – there’s a bit more of it than we’ve shown – stems from the badly-handled proposal to set up a Christmas skating rink in the London Road recreation ground LAST year.  (If you want to complete the questionnaire, which we assume the council intends to be ‘live’; here’s a link to it: :

We’ve no idea how long the questionnaire has been in existence – it’s not dated, and we’re pretty sure that it’s never been included in the ‘News’ section of the borough council’s website.

Which brings us on to that ‘News’ section.  What’s its purpose?  Unless we’re much mistaken, it made no mention of the closure of the Arena leisure centre last half-term, when the heating system broke down.  Nor have we seen any reference in it to the burst water main that closed the Maultway and some of the M3 a few days ago.  And we think the council is far too secretive about what’s happening to its regeneration plans.

A month ago, a councillor accused the Eye on Facebook of showing no respect for the council and of treating it as idiots. (We’re pretty sure that they were saying this about the Eye, but it wasn’t totally clear).  We e-mailed the councillor privately, saying that our main criticism of the council was its failure to communicate fully.  Ironically, we’ve not received any response.  Anyway, as our Tory Prime Minister has demonstrated in the last week, you have to be open and honest to earn public trust.  He says he’s learned this lesson now.. Perhaps our Tory-dominated council can follow his example and learn it too?


8 thoughts on “Do you want a skating rink in Camberley?

  1. If it makes any difference, I absolutely agree with you David. The council has a responsibility to be open and communicative and they are not, not remotely sufficiently enough!

    • Which is just so stupid and unnecessary, Louise. It’s obvious that some matters have to be kept confidential – they relate to individuals or they’re commercially-sensitive. But the default position should be to make information public. What SHBC should be aiming for is to deluge us with so many details that we get bored and stop showing any interest. That way, the council can act without incurring any criticism. It’s a cynical ploy – but it’s the real world.

  2. Surrey Heath is a borough with invisible leadership and lacking democracy, we (the people) suffer from a lack of any decent and consistent communication about matters of public concern and interest and it seems that most of the decisions or public utterances are made on the hoof with little or no cooperation with other public organs.
    SHBC itself has to be listed as disfunctional. They seem to have a siege mentality against anyone who isn’t a blue rinse Tory. The local MP and and the governments Chief Sneak (allegedly it was him who was behind the Suns “Queen and EU headline”) is just in it for his own grandisement, like that buffoon Boris and seems to contribute very little to his home patch.
    We can only hope that at the next elections some interesting candidates emerge, and the people are enthused to get out and vote for change, to at least give the local council some level of democracy instead of being a one party state which just does what it wants and that is usually sweet FA in the interests of the locals.

    There are good things in SH like the Frimley Lodge Park, the libraries and waste collection to name but 3, but there is too much to be critical about..just look at the disaster that likes to promote itself as Top100 town.


    • I can only agree, and endorse everything you say. The default position of SHBC Council appears to be that they are the “decision makers” and to question or disagree is an outrageous cheek.

      • I’m afraid so, Helene. But it’s sometimes not even as good as that! Before too long I’ll probably post an item about the council making a decision and then not implementing it.

  3. I think the Camberley Eye is fantastic. The only reason the council do not like it is because you draw attention to what a hopeless bunch they are.
    Long live the Eye!

  4. Have you considered getting a run of Camberley Eye branded t-shirts made up?
    I would happily purchase one off of you and wear it around town.


    • That’s a lovely idea, Trish. I can even imagine the council trying to drive anyone who’s wearing the ‘Eye’ off the streets! Maybe I’ll float the idea when it’s really t-shirt weather, and see how much interest there is overall.

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