Leaving the loose ends undone

You may have read in the recent copy of the borough council’s ‘Heathscene’ that Camberley’s Job Centre has moved into the council offices.  What you won’t have read is that no-one has yet changed the sign in Park Street, which still points to the old location.


What IS the point of signs if they can’t be relied upon?  Why not just remove them all, and reduce the street clutter?  Does anyone care?


12 thoughts on “Leaving the loose ends undone

  1. Yes, pointed this one out couple of months ago perhaps run a competition on how many incorrect signs there are in Camberley sure you could fill the next issue of Heathscene !

  2. I was more taken with the name in the background “Eatrium” really sums up what that shopping area is all about.

    • Well, being serious for a moment, yes, that’s what town centres – as opposed to shopping areas – are all about. Leisure and pleasure are displacing a lot of traditional retail, of course…

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