Oh no, not again?

It’s not many weeks ago that the cafe in this shop in Camberley’s Princess Way was closed for a while.  At that time it was named the Real Cornwall Pasty Company.  We came to the conclusion that pasties weren’t profitable enough to pay the bills.  Anyway, happily the cafe re-opened, but re-branded as supplying ‘Italian Street Food’.


But…. sadly it appears that the cafe is closed again.  We hope we’re mistaken, but that’s what seems to be the case.  (Don’t be deceived.  It looks as if the lights are on, and that there’s a face in the top of the window.  But, they’re just reflections from BHS.  We didn’t notice at the time we took the photo – of course.)


16 thoughts on “Oh no, not again?

  1. That is odd. The same thing happened on the other side of the mall in the shop that is now the toy shop that moved from within the mall.

    Prior to that it was going to be some sort of role play game shop, from memory, but they had got in a mix up about business rates or something. Is a landlord / estate agent telling porkies, or are people not doing their research?

  2. Guess there are far too many Eateries in Camberley, must be in excess of 30 + including pubs who are far cheaper & arguable in some cases as good

  3. Shame as we thought they were going to do well – although they seemed very inexperienced. Yes there are too many places to eat in Camberley – maybe someone should have a good think about a niche market before they take it on. It is in a prime place with Wilko / BHS / Post Office within yards.

    • It’s certainly a prime location, Anita. But the shop fronts are a bit basic – they don’t ooze quality. And the ‘street’ itself is from an earlier era; not quite concrete brutalism, but the same sort of mentality. All hard surfaces and edges. A bit ‘threatening’ after dark when its empty.

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